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As a recruitment agency with access to
over 40,000 students, JobShop can now
provide you with reliable and trained
student staff to fill your immediate and
temporary staffing needs.

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Incredible service and access to jobs that I otherwise wouldn’t know about while I was studying.

Thomas3rd Year Business Accounting Student 

JobClub staff were welcoming and helpful to guide to different options - even those I didn't know about

For a new international student here, I don’t have any work experience so it’s very hard for me to hunt a job. Then JobClub is here, creating insights and guidance to me about how to find a job, how to improve my CV to meet the recruiter’s requirement. It’s really helpful!

JobShop staff were very friendly and helpful, I would definitely go back again

I came to JobClub for advice on interviews and CVs, just to let you know i got the job! Thank you so much for the help and the boost in confidence, it means a lot.

Fill all your

We’re located at the heart of the University of Manchester campus meaning we have unlimited access to students who are looking for part-time.

We take
care of the
entire process
for you!

From selection to on-boarding, we make hiring part-time staff easier than ever. We underpin our recruitment practice with our values of inclusivity and transparency, ensuring that all our staff are treated with dignity and respect.

Staff have access to StaffWise, our online learning platform, where they can gain training on a range of topics such as communication and health and safety before they start work.

Our student focused service means that we will provide you with high quality candidates every time, whilst also improving student employability.